We stock an ever evolving range of plants, from tube-stock to advanced ornamentals and everything in between.

Potted Colour

Assorted potted colour 125mm pots.


Assorted potted colour 125mm pots.

Shady Lady

Assorted potted colour 125mm pots.


Three varieties of lemon in stock, meyer, eureka and lisbon.

String of Pearls

Cascading lush green succulent in hanging baskets. Keep indoors in a well lit, warm position, feed with a weak liquid fertiliser for best results.

Assorted Natives

Huge range of TASMANIAN grown native shrubs and ground covers, drought tolerant and extremely hardy.


Fresh stock just arrived produces full size fruit on a patio sized tree. keep them well fertilised with a potassium rich citrus food.


We stock an ever changing range of succulents, they require very little maintenance but can fill your garden with colour and texture.


With large, glossy green, perforated and unusually segmented leaves, this extravagant climbing plant will create a jungle of lush foliage in your home or garden. What’s more, this “must have” indoor plant is extremely easy to grow.

Tips of the Season

Many lawns are compacted and weedy after the long dry spell. Treat lawns with a DICAMBA based selective spray to eradicate weeds.

Aerating now lets moisture into the soil so you can begin to rejuvenate the lawn in the lead up to Autumn.

use an aerating roller (available for day hire from Riverview) or garden fork to penetrate the turf and allow nutrients to flow down to the roots. Don’t forget to fertilise now for bests results.